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Help Make A More Sustainable World

Introducing the new Patioflare GRS-Certified Recycled Plastic Outdoor Furniture Collection. 

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GRS-Certified Furniture

Plastic pollution is a critical global issue. Humans generate more than 140 million tons of plastic waste per year that eventually ends up in our landfills and oceans.


At Patioflare, we're committed to making a positive impact. Our GRS-Certified Recycled Plastic Patio Furniture production process start with...

  • Using discarded post-consumer plastic
  • It is then collected, cleaned, and processed into reusable material
  • The plastic is shredded and turned into pellets.
  • New pellets are molded with an injection molding machine to create brand new patio furniture

The Patioflare GRS Recycled Plastic Collection adheres to Global Recycled Standards (GRS), ensuring that the product is made with 50% recycled plastic. This is our commitment towards a circular economy.


This collection, not only promises lasting comfort but also plays a part in global initiatives to reduce plastic waste.

Eco-Conscious Choice

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Made with 50% recycled plastic bottles- diverted away from oceans and landfills.

Dependable Quality

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Purchase with confidence thanks to our limited 2 year warranty. Add 1 extra year when you share a review.

Recyclable Packaging

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This newer package uses less material than our previous ones, reducing waste and is 100% recyclable.

Low Maintenance

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Easy to maintain patio furniture. No painting or staining needed. 

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Where Style Meets Sustainability

Learn how we turn post-consumer plastic to beautiful durable patio furniture.

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