Paramount Fire Table Wind Guard, 28IN Round

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Protect your fire with this clear glass wind screen can be used with propane or natural gas tire tables. The glass is durable and can withstand high heat, while not obstructing the beautiful flame from your fire. The brackets are made of polished, fire-resistant aluminum.


Material: Tempered Glass 
Shape: Round 
Compatible Firepit Sizes: 21-27 inch burners 
Compatible Paramount Firepit models: FP-541-HB, FP-301-BZ, FP-251, FP-285

72cmD x 20cmH (5mm thickness) 
28.35"D x 8" H

Product Manual (English) Manuel du Produit (Français)

Ratings & Reviews

4 Reviews


4/30/2021 8:21 AM

Too fragile

This is honestly terrible. It's so fragile, the pieces don't connect well together. You can't move it as a whole when you need to cover or clean the table. We purchased a few weeks ago and it's shattered to pieces already. Very disappointing. Response: We are sorry you are having difficulties with this product. It sounds like you may have an assembly issue. We have had many satisfied customers with this product and our customer service team would like to connect with you to help solve the issues.


5/11/2022 5:15 PM

Large legal warning painted on each glass piece.

We like the product but what the pictures don't tell you about is the very large printed warning about the fact it gets hot that is painted right on the glass. The large letters take up about 1/4 of the height of each piece surface and are very prominent, too prominent. I hoped that it was a sticker I could peel off but unfortunately that wasn't the case. I get that the lawyers likely made you do this but you really should show the printing on the demonstration pictures on your website, just so folks know what to expect when they unpack it. Response: Hi Jonathan, thanks for your feedback. It's a safety requirement to have the warning label on the glass. It can be easily removed with a metal scraper or blade. Hope this helps.


5/30/2022 8:44 AM


The glass looks great around the firepit and keeps the flame from flickering all over the place. My only complaint is the “Caution, Hot Surface” labels on all of the pieces of glass. It should be shown in the picture when buying.


7/11/2022 5:16 PM

Nice product but assembly method is strange

Very nice product but the way it assembles feels like if you lift it, the 4 pieces of glass may may fall out and shattered glass would be everywhere. Careful when moving this things moved around. Suggest it be disassembled by and stored in original box for winter