MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) Policy

J&R Home Products Ltd

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy Canada - Effective October 1, 2019

1. Introduction

J&R Home Products Ltd. (hereinafter called “JR Home”) has determined that certain advertising practices can harm JR Home’s reputation, brands, and premium image. The purpose of the MAP Policy is to avoid resellers advertising at prices that would be detrimental to fair competition or discourage JR Home’s resellers from investing in the JR Home product lines and providing the best possible service and support to consumers. Company supports legitimate omni channel competition.

2. Terminology

2.1. Minimum Advertised Price means the minimum price a reseller can advertise a JR Home product for online or beyond their physical store location.

2.2. Minimum Retail Price means the minimum price a reseller can sell a JR Home products for in any channel or location.

2.3. Reseller means any reseller, online seller, distributor, sales representative or dealer.

2.4. Covered Products means all products listed on the JR Home’s MAP Schedule as updated from time to time.

3. Applicability

3.1 To protect the integrity of JR Home’s brands, JR Home has adopted this Minimum Advertised Price Policy (“MAP Policy”). The policy applies to:

3.1.1. All resellers, including but not limited to all distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and other resellers who are recognized as Authorized Sellers, Authorized Resellers or Authorized Retailers by JR Home in Canada.

3.1.2. Covered Products.

3.1.3. All advertisements of JR Home products in any and all media, including, but not limited to flyers, posters, coupons, mailers, inserts, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, mail order catalogs, email newsletters, email solicitations, internet or other electronic media, television, radio, and public signage. This MAP policy is not applicable to any in-store advertising that is displayed only in the store and not distributed to any customers.

4. Policies

4.1. JR Home is solely responsible for establishing the minimum advertised price (“MAP”) for Covered Products.

4.2. JR Home is solely responsible to communicate the MAP for each Covered Product to resellers.

4.3. This MAP policy does not establish maximum advertised prices. All resellers may offer products at any price in excess of the Minimum Advertised Price. This MAP Policy is not intended as, nor is it to be construed as, an attempt by JR Home to set advertised or resale prices.

4.4. The MAP policy does not, in any way, limit the ability of any reseller to advertise that "they have the lowest prices" or, they "will meet or beat any competitors’ price," that consumers should "call for a price" or phrases of similar meaning as long as the price advertised or listed for the product is not less than the Minimum Advertised Price.

4.5. It is a violation of this MAP Policy for a Reseller to advertise any Covered Product at a price lower than the MAP. Such advertisements include, but are not limited to:

4.5.1. Offering coupons, discounts, reseller rebates, credits, or other inducements that, when applied, result in a net advertised price lower than the MAP, including through use of a storewide sale, promotional code, or other similar provision that can be applied to Covered Products.

4.5.2. The inclusion (Bundling) in advertising of free or discounted products, with a product covered by this MAP policy, would be contrary to the MAP policy if it has the effect of discounting the advertised price of the covered product below the Minimum Advertised Price.

4.5.3. Strikeouts or strikethroughs of pricing information, “see price in cart,” or other statements that suggest that a lower price for a Covered Product may be found at the final online checkout stage.

4.6. Offering free shipping, 0% holiday tax promotion, or free financing is not a violation of this MAP Policy.

4.6.1. JR Home maintains the right to run a temporary sale or suspend the MAP policy at its discretion, and in such case, the Minimum Advertised Price will be the same as the temporary sale price on those particular items for that particular time period.

4.6.2. JR Home reserves the right to cancel any pending orders, restrict future orders, or suspend a reseller's account if JR Home reasonably believes: (i) a reseller has violated the provisions of the MAP policy; or (ii) a reseller intends to violate the MAP policy

4.6.3. A written waiver(s) to the MAP policy may be granted by JR Home at its sole discretion by JR Home’ Company Secretary. All waivers must have a clearly specified duration. Deviation from the terms of the written waiver is a violation of the MAP policy.

4.6.4. The MAP policy will be enforced by JR Home in its sole discretion and without notice. Resellers have no right to enforce the MAP policy. Violations of the MAP policy may result in any of the aforementioned sanctions up to and including termination of our business relationship, as well as any available remedies at law.

5. Administration

Any questions concerning the MAP Policy must be submitted in writing and directed to JR Home’s Company Secretary at

JR Home Minimum Advertised Price Policy. JR Home reserves the right to unilaterally modify, change, suspend, terminate, reinstate, or update the MAP Policy at any time with advance notice in its sole discretion. JR Home shall make any such modifications available to all Resellers.