Paramount Gel Fuel and Smartflame Safety

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  1. Paramount Gel Fuel and Paramount Gel Fuel Citronella supplied by JR Home Products is a safe alternative to this liquid pourable fuel. Paramount Gel Fuel is made from a thick gel of ethanol alcoholand has a very thick viscous consistency. It comes in a single use can which is used to hold the gel while it burns, no pouring or excess handling is required. Consumers simply open the lid and light the fuel and discard when depleted. Paramount Gel Fuel’s lower flash point, and thicker, non pourable consistency allows for a safe and enjoyable xxperience. Paramount’s Gel Firepots & Firepits allow for our gel fuel can to be dropped in and used right away, adding safety and peace of mind.


    Paramount Smartflame is also supplied in a single use can and is made from a patented formula that uses a special wick to burn. If the fuel spills out of the can the spilled material will not continue to burn, giving the consumer peace of mind. Smartflame offers a thick quality flame just like regular ethanol gel fuel. One can lasts 2.5 to 3 hours, and produces approx. 3000 BTUs per can, just like regular gel fuel. There is no odor and it is easily extinguished by placing the lid or a snuffer over the opening.

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