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Paramount Venturi Spiral Flame Heater, Black

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The beautiful spiral flame, encased in a tempered glass tube, patented patio heater will keep you warm with 40,000 BTU of heat. The unit comes with tip over protection that shuts the flame off if it tips. Your 20lbs propane tank (not included) stores neatly in the base and the base includes wheels to make this heater portable. Comes in your choice of Black or Bronze.


Color: Black 
Material: Powder-coated steel frame 
BTU: 40,000

20.8" x 20.8" x 65.7" 
53cm x 53cm x 167cm
Reflector size: 53cm diameter/20.87" diameter

Product Manual (English)

Manuel du Produit (Français)

Ratings & Reviews

76 Reviews


10/23/2020 4:40 PM


Just purchased and received yesterday. Took about 45 minutes to assemble (you should use a ratchet). Instructions need to be updated but are doable. Used last night. The spiral flame is gorgeous! You don't need any supplemental lighting outside. Heat is good enough to take the chill off a cool summer evening but not enough when temperature dips to freezing. Just what we wanted .... Thanks!


10/27/2020 9:20 AM

Love this patio heater!

Purchased this patio heater at Costco. Liked this unit because of its features, looks, and that it was somewhat shorter than others so that I can place it under our open-sided gazebo. Installation was a breeze as instructions were clear to follow. Lit up easy as well. Spiral flame is very picturesque and the heater puts off an adequate amount of heat. We sat comfortably around the heater last night when it was 4 degrees outside. We'll see later on in the winter!


10/27/2020 11:53 AM

Simple and user friendly =outdoor warmth

My heater arrived with-in a week. It took less than an hour to assemble using the instructions that came with it. Simple and user friendly. One push and it ignited.

G. Rad

4/24/2021 10:15 AM

Paramount Outdoor Patio Heater

We received the paramount outdoor patio heater from Costco. Model # KLD7002S. It did not take us more than 1 hr. to put it all together. The instructions were very concise, and we had absolutely no problem putting it together. we are extremely pleased with the quality of this product, and it looks very sturdy, and a strong good looking unit.

Mona El-Khoury

5/26/2021 2:55 PM

Best Patio heater I had to get the second one

Simply gorgeous. I purchased my first one in February 2021 but assembled in April due to winter conditions in Canada. instructions were clear and it was easily Assembled within an hour at the most. We thoroughly enjoyed our first night so much that we re-ordered the second one right on the spot and was received 2 weeks ago in May 2021. The heat is well distributed that it gives enough warmth on a cool spring night (I would expect same in the Fall). It is awesome to watch as the spiral fire lights up the night. I highly recommend it.

P Byers

5/28/2021 10:26 AM


We bought this KLD7003S model from Costco and Absolutely love it.. Easy to put together, and well made. Only minor concern we have is can the glass insert be bought for a spare just incase the insert breaks? We loved so much we bought another one. The flame is enough lighting at night. Thank you for giving us an extra year of warranty protection on this unit


6/3/2021 6:38 AM

Meets our expectations!!!!

I purchased this patio heater at Costco. Liked this unit because of its features, looks. Instructions were clear to follow. Lit up easy as well. Spiral flame is very picturesque and the heater puts off an adequate amount of heat. This is exactly what we were looking for!


6/8/2021 6:34 AM

Great evening

Great product easily put together. Packaging could use some work as the heat reflector of both mine and my neighbours was damaged BUT JR Home has great customer service and replacement reflectors sent within a day. Great heat and ambiance to Calgary’s chilly evenings


7/5/2021 11:22 AM

Nice heater

We are enjoying the heater, it lights easily, and the heat is nice. You do have to be fairly close (within 6 feet) to get the warmth. It was fairly easy to assemble. Fitting the metal bars into the middle section was difficult, so I would suggest taking the nuts and screwing them on and off the metal rods to smooth the threads a bit before attaching the rods to the heater. Seems the threads are rough, especially the bottom ones.

Navin Gupta

7/12/2021 3:58 PM

Functional AND Beautiful!!

We just purchased the Paramount Spiral Flame Heater and are extremely happy with it! It is the best of both worlds - beautiful looking with the spiral flame and functional with great warmth. Exactly what we were looking for on our new patio!!!


7/15/2021 4:01 PM


Just received this patio heater and were relieved to see it was well packaged and relatively straightforward to assemble. It’s good looking and the spiral flame is attractive. It’s too hot to use the patio heater so a real operational test will have to wait until the weather cools.

Diana Dunnell

7/18/2021 7:07 AM

Spiral is the way to go…

We love the style, look and radiant warmth provided by our recently purchased Paramount Outdoor Spiral Flame Heater.

Giuseppe M

8/3/2021 8:52 AM

Great Looking Patio Heater

I just purchased the patio heater. The patio heater works great and looks fabulous. The only issue is that the reflector arrived bent. I will contact JR home....and hopefully they can send me a replacement. I am very happy with my purchase.

John F

8/4/2021 10:11 AM

A Very Good Looking Unit

Just completed the assembly. Took 30 to 40 min. relatively easy. Would suggest use of a socket set which I did from the onset. It looks great and gives off plenty of heat. Much more attractive than the straight up models with no glass.


8/10/2021 11:47 AM

A Beautiful and Functional Addition to our Outdoor Area

Received this unit last week and put it together in under an hour providing you use a socket and ratchet. Appears to be well made and started up right away. The flame is beautiful and will provide heat and ambience to our deck area. As it has been very warm we have not had it on longer than 15 minutes however we know that the weather will turn cooler as we move into September and we are looking forward to extending our patio season with this flame heater.


8/23/2021 1:47 PM

Feeling the heat

Wow -- this really pumps out the heat! Eye-catching accessory to our backyard set. Happy with this purchase.

Linda T

9/11/2021 5:34 AM

Great Product

Recently purchased this heater. Easily put together. We are happy with the amount of heat it provides. Highly recommend this product.


9/11/2021 11:53 AM

Satisfied in the End

We recently purchased the Paramount Outdoor Spiral Flame Heater from Costco.ca. It was delivered promptly but unfortunately we could not get it to work. When we contacted Tamerin Elliott at the Paramount company, she was very helpful, understanding, and efficient in sending us a replacement part. The part arrived in two days and now our heater works beautifully. We are grateful for the personal service we received and look forward to many years of warmth and enjoyment from our spiral heater.


9/12/2021 9:20 AM

Beautiful Spiral Heater

We were super excited to see this at Costco!! No questions asked...we purchased this right away. We always loved the spiral outdoor heater and wanted one for our home. Easy to set up!! And great for a small space!!

Karen T

9/17/2021 6:53 AM

Beautiful and extends your patio time

We have wanted a patio heater like this for a while and when we saw it at Costco last month we bought it right away before they sold out. Went together quickly and is as warm as it is beautiful....the flame is mesmerizing! We've just extended our patio time this year as the temps are dropping now but we'll be toasty!


9/25/2021 7:56 AM

Great Heater!

Great heater! Looks great on my patio and so fun to watch!


10/10/2021 9:02 PM

Looking forward to Fall nights with this new heater

We bought this heater from Costco and just got it put together today. It was fairly easy and straight forward to put together, although some of the threads made getting the nuts on challenging at times. Love the look and feel of this heater. Looking forward to enjoying many fall evenings around this heater on our newly covered deck.


10/20/2021 11:59 PM

Paramount Venturi Spiral Flame Heater

Beautiful outdoor heater purchased from Costco. Puts out a good amount of heat. Instructions were clear and easy to follow. Product came with some damage from the factory including a warped heat reflector but JR Home addressed this with replacement parts.


11/8/2021 12:35 PM

Generates nice heat!

So far, so good! Assembly was relatively simple (though nuts to attach the grid to the base were on the small side so didn't really screw in too far -- not a dealbreaker though). We love how the heat level is generated at the perfect level for when you are seated. I know this will get a lot of use!


6/16/2022 8:36 AM


Great product, easy assembly and super nice look