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Paramount Fire Table Wind Guard, 42IN Rectangular

CAD ‎179.99

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Protect your fire with this clear glass wind screen can be used with propane or natural gas tire tables. The glass is durable and can withstand high heat, while not obstructing the beautiful flame from your fire. The brackets are made of polished, fire-resistant aluminum.

Material: Tempered Glass
Shape: Rectangle
Compatible Firepit sizes: Up to 40 inch burners
Compatible Paramount Firepit models: FP-415, FP-416

42.51" x 14.56" x 7.87"
108cmL x 37cmW x 20cmH

Product Manual (English) Manuel du Produit (Français)

Ratings & Reviews

4 Reviews


3/25/2021 3:47 PM

Sturdy and easy to assemble but doesn't fit my table well.

I bought this in conjunction with the Paramount Concrete Look Aluminum Fire Table, Low Rectangle. While it was easy to assemble, sturdy, and looks very nice, it did not seem to prevent my fire table flame from being affected by the wind. I'm not sure whether the limitations come from the wind guard or the fire table itself, but I was a little unsatisfied with the result. Also, I thought it would slot nicely into the fire table I bought but instead it sits on top of the surface of the table. This leaves less room for drinks along the outside. Finally, there are warning stickers that do not come off easily without tearing. I feel they are unnecessary and dislike that they are present. I may have to get some product to remove them in the future.

Trisha West

4/30/2021 12:24 PM

Disappointed Purchase

I have to admit I am not pleased with this product as it may look pretty - but seemed very insecure during assembly and we were disappointed it sits on the top of the firetable. The entire wind guard seemed very fragile which we now believe it may be due to an issue with 2 faulty screws (missing the small rubber top). Not realizing there was even an issue with any of the screws as it is not obvious unless you search for it - one of our panels slid out when moving it after it's first use and broke. We were offered replacement screws but told the glass is not covered. As well, we can't buy one panel as they only sell the entire set. If this was normal wear and tear, I understand but the panel was broken due to the screws not holding it securely as intended. Response: We are sorry you are having difficulties with this product. It sounds like you may have an assembly issue. We have had many satisfied customers with this product and our customer service team would like to connect with you to help solve the issues.

Tony Gaetano

8/20/2022 6:47 AM

Great fit with fire table

Love the additional glass wind guard. Look great and keeps flame going even in strong winds

Alvin L.

5/3/2023 5:12 PM

Glass came scratched

Delivery was fast but the box came slightly damaged. Luckily there’s another case inside where the glass is kept so all good right? One of the side panels has a scratch on it that doesn’t rub off :( Careful with the plastic caps that go in the screws because they’re very small and fall off sometimes. Some screws do not fit the threaded holes so keep trying until you get a set that fits in properly. It’s important when tightening the corners to the glass that it screws in easily. Suggest to build this with another person to hold the glass if possible.